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The Dash Mushroom [$DASH], the famed mushroom is coming as an ERC20 token he is commonly called simply the Mushroom,DASH is a type of mushroom physically identical to a Super Mushroom that is used for speed boosts. It is also used to represent the Mushroom Cup in the Mario Kart games.

Why Choose $DASH?


$DASH offers three distinct avenues for investors to participate in the success of Dash Coin.


Dash introduces a variety of engaging methods to make investing an enjoyable experience.


Dash is committed to continuously improving and embracing new strategies and models to align with the evolving market landscape.


Token Name: Dash Coin Token Symbol: $DASH Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20) Contract Renounced: click here LP burned: click here

99 %
99 %
Sell Tax

Revenue Share Breakdown:

Disclaimer: 33.33% from the revenue wallet is dedicated to each sector


Project Foundation
  • Token Development & Launch: Successfully create and officially launch Dash Coin (DASH) as an ERC20 token.
  • Marketing Initiative: Initiate a marketing campaign that highlights the nostalgic appeal of DASH. Collaborate with gaming community influencers to amplify the message.
  • Community Establishment: Form official social media profiles on platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, and tiktok. Conduct engaging Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions to address community inquiries.
  • Revenue Share Model Development: Create and introduce the official DASH Coin revenue-sharing strategy model, encompassing comprehensive tokenomics and three distinct pathways to participate in the success of Dash Coin.
  • App Development: Develop and introduce the official DASH Coin website app, featuring the revenue sharing model and frequently asked questions.
  • Exchange Presence: Secure listings for DASH on a minimum of two smaller cryptocurrency exchanges to kickstart trading.
Growth and Expansion
  • Major Exchange Listings: Strive for and attain listings on major cryptocurrency exchanges to enhance DASH's liquidity and accessibility.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Forge alliances with gaming communities, pop-culture merchandise retailers, and platforms to integrate DASH for micro-transactions.
  • Gaming Collaborations: Collaborate with independent game developers to incorporate DASH as an in-game currency or rewards system.
  • Governance Model: Implement a decentralized governance model that allows token holders to participate in decision-making.
  • Wallet Integration: Collaborate with well-known cryptocurrency wallet providers to facilitate seamless DASH storage and transactions.

  • Community Engagement: Host regular community-driven events, competitions, and token giveaways to foster a vibrant DASH community.

  • Staking Solutions: Implement staking mechanisms for DASH holders, enabling them to earn rewards for their commitment.

  • DASH Coin Shop: Launch an official merchandise store where enthusiasts can acquire DASH-themed products using DASH coin.

  • Team Expansion: Recruit specialized professionals in marketing, partnerships, and technology to fortify the project's outreach and operational efficiency.
  • Technological Enhancement: Continuously enhance the scalability and security of the DASH Coin ecosystem, drawing inspiration from community feedback and the evolving requirements of the market.
  • Global Expansion: Plan for international expansion and adoption, targeting specific geographic regions or markets.
  • Sustainability Model: Develop a sustainable revenue model or mechanism to ensure the long-term viability of the project.