The digital world is governed by meme projects which attract enthu-siasts to work in this realm and we are no exception. However, to make it interesting, we have come up with the most apt and comical character that is “HARLEY QUINN” by joining it with INU verse, hence we present to you the ‘HALERY-INU’. Harley represents memes in every situation, with a wide smile and the famous tagline :

"You Really Put The 'Fun' In Funeral"

This project aims to make the crypto world simple, entertaining, productive as well as revo-lutionize the world of finance by facilitating people earn digitally. Our highly committed team intends to offer solutions for the present and upcoming blockchain complexities by pre-senting innovative and interesting methods for the next generation.

How are we different?

With our unique decentralized Raffle we ensure one of the highest and most enjoyable passive income opportunities. We are transparent about every development and financial process, and take the community feedback to always improve accordingly. Our project starts off as a fun way to earn but you will see updates weekly on the development process of our entire ecosystem where our community will get to help us design and propose suggestions that we will execute along the way. Our experience and ideas help make us stand out from the rest of the market. Our goal is to make you the investor Enjoj, Earn, and Grow.

"Mama's Gonna Paint The Streets With Blood"

Our utilities:


Harley INU is featuring a unique no loss Raffle System, 2% Tax on the contract directly goes into our Decentralized raffle wallet. The raffle draw is every 7 days offering 50% of the wallet to 3 lucky winners.

How to Participate


Depending on how many tokens you buy you will go into 4 different ranks, SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM, DIAMOND each rank will determine how many tickets you will earn.


Each of our NFTs will earn you tickets that can be added along to the tickets earned from tokens. It is possible to enter the raffle while only holding an NFT

NFTs Collection

HARLEY INU will offer a set of 920 unique HARLEY QUINN NFTs, each offering utilities, increased raffle tickets, merchandise, mystery utilities, and more.

Club Membership

A restricted quantity of membership cards will be made available for purchase, each of which doubles the number of tickets you possess. However, these cards cannot be utilized independently for participation.

Our Vision

We see the crypto world as the future and we want to make it as enjoyable, beneficial, and help the movement to revolutionise the whole world finance. We will start off with the enjoyment of making the community earn but in the process of developing one of the best ecosystems in the crypto space featuring a raffle And NFTS with unique mystery utilities, Our highly committed and determined team aims to provide solutions for the current and upcoming blockchain complexities to help come up with a revolutionary way for the next generation of blockchains while making the process as fun as possible.

Harley Inu