Clippy, the iconic paperclip assistant from Microsoft Office, is renowned as the original AI assistant. Now, it’s making a groundbreaking entry into the world of cryptocurrency with $CLIPPY.


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Clippy is not just a piece of software history; it’s a cultural icon that represents the early days of personal computing and AI interaction. $CLIPPY celebrates this rich legacy.

Though it was known for its playful and sometimes overly eager assistance, Clippy embodied the spirit of innovation and user-friendly technology. $CLIPPY carries this spirit into the crypto era.

$CLIPPY isn’t just another cryptocurrency. It’s a tribute to the era when AI began to touch our daily lives. Owning $CLIPPY is like holding a piece of digital history, a token with a story, a character, and a personality.

Join us on this exciting journey as we bring a piece of tech history into the cryptocurrency world. It’s more than just a token – it’s a celebration of where we’ve been and where we’re going. Be part of this unique blend of nostalgia and future-forward thinking.


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